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Microsoft Silverlight offers a new way of creating web applications
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Microsoft Silverlight framework is designed for creating web applications with multimedia and interactivity features. It is Microsoft's answer to Flash, and as such, it tries to overcome Flash in every single way possible. Adobe has its own multimedia design applications for Flash, so Microsoft had to create its own applications suite for Silverlight, called Expression. Silverlight uses XAML language to create the user interfaces and it can employ a wide variety of languages for the back-end functionality. The idea was to make Silverlight compatible to most browsers used on all popular Operating systems, Linux and Mac included. Silverlight does pack that power needed for web applications; also, it has an excellent performance when running, because it uses low resources. It has plenty of support and specific applications made just for developing in Silverlight. The main issue with it is that Flash and Adobe software are still the standard, and there are not many developers focusing on Silverlight. Very few websites have Silverlight, although the new version 3 has more support for hardware and other devices.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good Performance
  • Compatible to most browsers used on all popular Operating systems


  • Not many applications available
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