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Microsoft Silverlight 5.1

Creates web and mobile applications
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It's a .NET framework plugin for writing and running interactive mobile and web apps. It enhances your video streaming experience and can be launched in different OS and popular browsers.

Silverlight is the Microsoft equivalent of Adobe Flash player. Silverlight is an internet application. It can be installed in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. Nowadays Microsoft is designing their software to suit Macintosh too. Silverlight can be installed on newer versions of Intel-based Mac OSX. There is the Out of Browser component of Silverlight that can be used to create web based desktop applications. The stunning graphics are obviously worth mentioning wnen talking about this application.

The objective of Silverlight is to provide a computer user with an improved interface in web applications. Images of the highest resolution, full HD videos, etc are all supported. 3D imaging is also very easy with Silverlight.

With Silverlight development tools available in the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio, it is very easy to create an application. Any kind of data or control can be added to the web application. We can also install a standalone version of Silverlight SDK free of charge.

Improved GUI with 3D is made possible with the new .Net 3.x programming interface. But the only problem is that we need faster CPU and GPU, more memory, and wider internet bandwidth.

Zack Martin
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  • Great User Interface
  • 3D Support
  • Easy Programming


  • Needs a good processor and graphics card
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